Unrathe is a city in the mountains of


Unrathe was founded in 404 AVM, and was populated by only dwarves. It was barely known, and anyone that moved there was either related to, or friends of, the founders. In the 500 years that came, it developed into a full village of dwarves. A council system was put into place, to regulate laws and punishments, in the year 910 AVM. Around this time, the people believed magic was dangerous, and made a law to ban all magic. The law was passed, and Unrathe continued to grow, albeit slower without magic being allowed. It wasn't until the year 1307 that Hogar overthrew the current council, and un-banned magic. He then placed his friends Kazmit, Kyle, and a Skeleton as the new head councilmembers, and left the village one last time to grow. In 1465, magic was widely accepted, with Unrathe pumping out tons of magical gear, using the new creations to exponentially grow it's economy. By 1512, it had become a large, more well known city. Dwarves were no longer the only race populating Unrathe, with Dragonborns, Teiflings, and Kenku being able to find a place devoid of the strange looks they would get in other places. In the current age of 1907, they have evolved both their magic and technology, catching up with the rest of the world in half the time.

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