Baton is a city that is ruled over by the Bakera House. It was formed in 708 and still exists as a popular city to this day. It was originally named "Bakera's Town", before people got lazy and started pronouncing it shorter and shorter until it became Baton.

Baton has a large trading market, as well as the fact it is a large hub for adventurers. In 1306-1307, the historical event that the Bakera Hero's Tale was based on transpired. It was mostly destroyed during this, but was eventually rebuilt and had gone back to a prosperous town by the year 1359. It is mostly inhabited by humans, though some half-elves, half-orcs, and halflings tend to live there. Of course there are a few exceptions, like the family that runs the tavern. This family is made entirely of dwarves, and only 5 generations of the family have passed by 1907 since the city was made in 708.

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